Facundo Batista Joins Scripps CHAVI-ID

Dr. Facundo Batista, Associate Director of the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard and Phillip and Susan Ragon Professor at Harvard Medical School and the Ragon Institute, has joined the Scripps CHAVI-ID as a Principal Investigator.

Dr. Batista's research focuses on the cellular and molecular events that lead to the activation of B cells and how these events affect the ability of B cells to produce antibodies. In previous collaborations with CHAVI-ID investigators, he utilized two novel, high-throughput screens of large numbers of human B cells from normal, unimmunized volunteers to identify, quantify, and characterize human B cells specific for a candidate HIV vaccine immunogen, PGT121-class germline-targeting Env trimer. Within the CHAVI-ID, Dr. Batista's work will expand on this initial project by deep mining the B cell memory repertoire for binding against a PGT121-class germline-targeting Evn SOSIP trimer, a PGT130-germline-targeting Env SOSIP trimer, and a 10E8-MPER-class germline-targeting immunogen in non-infected individuals.

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Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard